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Frequently Asked Transmission Questions

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Automatic Transmissions

How often should I service my transmission?

Check your owners manual for service intervals. (We recommend every year or 12,000 miles with overdrive transmissions or sooner if vehicle is used for heavy towing).

What is the difference between a basic service and a complete flush?

On a basic service the pan is removed and the filter is cleaned or replaced. Most transmissions only allow you to change about 4-5 quarts of fluid with this method, they hold about 12-14 quarts. With a flushing machine, we are able to change all of the oil.

Should the filter be changed when servicing the transmission?

Yes, most flushing machines flush through the cooler lines and the pan is not removed to change the filter. We remove the pan and change or clean the filter with our machine.
“You wouldn't change your engine oil without your filter, nor should you with your transmission”

Manual Transmissions

My transmission grinds going into some gears. How do I know if it is my transmission or clutch?

If your transmission grinds in one or more of the forward gears when upshifting or downshifting but goes into reverse and first gear at a stop easily, the problem is probably in the transmission. If your transmission grinds going into first or reverse a stop, it is usually a problem with your clutch not releasing properly.

My car makes a noise that sounds like it is coming from the transmission. How do I know if it is my transmission or clutch making the noise?

If your vehicle is making a whirling noise in any of the gears and or in neutral and it goes away when pushing on the clutch, It is probably in the transmission. If it makes the noise when pushing on the clutch, it is probably the clutch release bearing.

Always have any clutch or transmission problem diagnosed before having repaired.


How do I know if my clutch is going out?

Three common symptoms that might be noticed when your clutch is going out :
1 Your engine rpms are higher than normal when accelerating and will spike up, usually you will first notice on steep hills or harder acceleration (sometimes an adjustment will fix this if caught early enough)
2: Your transmission is hard to shift, especially into 1st and reverse gears (always have your clutch linkage, cable or hydraulics checked 1st in this case)
3:You hear a whirling noise when pushing in on clutch pedal

How many miles should a clutch last?

A clutch life varies depending on the vehicle and the conditions it is used in. We see most clutches going out about 75,000 miles. However we have seen them get as much as 150,000 miles, and some last less than 30,000 miles. Stop and go driving and areas with lot of hills, such as San Francisco, is harder on clutches. Driving habits play a big part on how long a clutch lasts.

Tip to get the most miles out of your clutch”. Use only as much throttle needed to make a smooth start or shift.

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