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Automatic Transmission Service

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“What gives us the leading edge over dealerships and other shops?”

The experience and knowledge of our Technicians, a well-equipped shop, state-of-the-art diagnostics tools and tech lines, coupled with #1 customer service and an impressive warranty, sets us apart as Stanislaus County’s premier transmission shop.

Eliminate the stress of being without your car.

We offer towing, rental cars, quick turnaround, financing and our staff is here to help in any way we can.

One call and we will do the rest.

With factory transmissions failing at a lower mileage, we research the latest updates to build a stronger transmission that will give you years of worry-free transportation and back it with a great warranty.

Excellent Service

“Very knowledgeable staff. Had my transmission for my 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP rebuilt and couldn't be happier. Explained everything thoroughly that was to be done. My car now runs like new. I recommend this shop to anyone looking to have transmission work done.” — Bob G.
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“We repair your vehicle like we would our own!”

We go the extra mile to explain everything in detail to help you decide what repair is best for your situation. (Whether it is your home’s ac and heating unit, a plumbing problem or a transmission problem, the last thing you want to hear is it needs to be repaired or replaced, with no explanation. We will walk you through the process step by step, including what may have caused it, the best repair for your needs and how to maintain it.

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We explain your transmission repair options

We offer everything from quick repairs to long term rebuilds.

* Quick fixes: Sometimes a solenoid or simple part failing can seem like a major problem and end up being a quick fix.

* Used transmissions: This may be a good option if you just need to get a little more time out of your vehicle at an affordable price. We offer a 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty on parts and labor. We have access to many used transmissions. This is not the best way if you are looking for a long term fix, but sometimes is an option when you just started that job and need transportation now at an affordable price.

Rebuild Transmissions: This is a good option when a quick fix is not available and you are looking to keep the vehicle for a longer time. We offer a basic rebuild and also a rebuild with updates to make the transmission last longer and perform better.

HD Transmissions: We also specialize in heavy duty and performance transmissions. We can build a transmission to suit your needs. Whether it is a diesel truck that you need beefed up for towing or a classic car that you are restoring. Visit our Performance or HD Diesel pages.

Transmission exchange units in stock

What may seem like a major transmission failure, may be as simple as a sensor or solenoid that has failed. This is why it is important to have it diagnosed with a shop that has the right equipment and knowledge, gained from experience and technical training, to diagnose your transmission problems properly.

Tech Tip

It is very important to have your transmission checked out at the first sign of a problem. Some signs that you may be having a transmission problem are:

  • lack of power, delayed engagement into gear or slipping
  • early shifts, late shifts, harsh shifts or no shifts, rpms higher than normal
  • check transmission or check engine light stays on
  • transmission fluid leaking

Visit our Tech Tips posts for more information on how to maintain your transmission and common issues that may be avoided.

We have repaired many automatic transmissions that have appeared to need major repairs with a simple sensor or solenoid. Should your transmission need rebuilding, we are constantly researching material to update and build your transmission stronger than original.

It is very important to service your overdrive transmission regularly due to the solenoids and small valves that can stick and cause problems.

CTT Transmissions serves the following areas: Turlock 95380, Patterson, Waterford, Ceres, Modesto (95354), Riverbank, Ripon, Escalon, Oakdale (95361), Sonora, Don Pedro and surrounding areas.

Our phone number is (209) 551-4050 - tap here and save it in your cell phone, in case you need any advice or automotive repairs in the future.

We would love to be your transmission repair shop for years to come.

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